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NOT ALL TREES ARE GOODYou say, common, not all trees are good?  You may not have noticed but a new “tree” in town has shown up over the last 10 years.  While I knew it was new to town, I had become blind to how much it was spreading and what […]Read More
TIME FOR TREES TO GROWAs I sit here sniffling from tree pollen, I am thinking about what trees are doing right now.  I like to tell people that the forestry consulting business is a “growing” business.  Trees are actively putting out leaves, flowers and eventually fruit to carry out their life […]Read More
Are timber sales good for turkey hunting? 6872
Are timber sales good for turkey hunting?I work with clients with different goals.  A common goal with a timber sale is to make sure it does not negatively affect their hunting.  With turkey season just around the corner, let me discuss this concern. The most effect a timber sale can have on turkey […]Read More
Timing is important 2399
Timing is importantIn real estate, timing is important. Especially with rural property. I have talked to many professionals who list farms. When I ask them what is your busiest time to show property. They all say its just after the first of the year. Why, because deer season, holidays […]Read More
New Years Resolutions 2284
New Years Resolutions“As the new year begins we are often asked what are our new years resolutions will be. While most of the items we want to resolve or change are personal, its not a bad idea to consider resolving to better manage the resources we own. One of […]Read More