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Are timber sales good for turkey hunting?

Are timber sales good for turkey hunting?

I work with clients with different goals.  A common goal with a timber sale is to make sure it does not negatively affect their hunting.  With turkey season just around the corner, let me discuss this concern.

The most effect a timber sale can have on turkey hunting is to have the timber sale going on during turkey season.  It does not mean the turkey will not get the job done (breeding) it will just affect their movements and maybe vocalization and possibly your success.

I once owned a farm that was cut hard prior to my purchase.  The farm was heavily wooded with no openings except for a power line.  Following the harvest we cleared a few areas and planted them to clover and soybeans.  We also added a water hole.  The first year we hunted we killed 8 birds.  The next two years we killed six each and the last year we killed three.

Did the harvest of the timber improve the hunting?  With the addition of the food plots I would say yes.   The turkeys had no problem walking through the thick forest and there were still enough standing trees for roosting.  The clover gave them a wonderful strutting and feeding area and the nearly impenetrable forest provided excellent nesting cover for hens.  In addition, we would see lots of rabbits and ground hogs and the squirrels were still there.

I would summarize by saying if you provide the right combination of what any animal needs, ie, food, water and cover, they will be on your property.  Good luck this turkey season

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