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Forest Inventory and Appraisal

Forest Inventory and Appraisal

If you need to determine the value of your timber, this service should be considered.  Maybe you are considering a sale or purchase of a property.  In that case you  want to know the timber value in order to determine the properties total value.  An inventory is a sample of the total tree population.  A properly conducted inventory can yield an accurate account of the total volume.  Once a volume is determined, a value may be placed on each timber species.  The fee for this service is dependent upon the size of the tract, travel distance, terrain, etc.   Call and I can give you a cost estimate to do this work.

Timber Trespass Investigation

I hope for your sake you are not contacting me to perform this service.  This usually means your timber has been stolen, or at the very least, someone has gotten over the boundary line.  In this case, an inventory of the stumps will need to be done and its market value determined.  It may also involve testimony by me at a court hearing.  Before you contact me, have an idea of the number of trees involved and history of the property.  You may be entitled to three times the market value for the trees.  Call for an estimate.