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Forestry Services

What is a Forestry Consultant?

A forestry consultant is a degreed and trained individual who works with private landowners in the area of forest management.  I am:

  • a graduate forester of Southern Illinois University.
  • have been practicing forestry since 1989.

strongly committed to high ethical standards in forestry upheld by professional memberships, sound technical training, broad experience and integrity.

Why should you consider a Forestry Consultant?

There may be a time when you will want to buy, sell or represent yourself in an area that you have little knowledge or expertise.  You would consult with a Surveyor if a boundary dispute arises and a lawyer when in need of legal assistance.  These professionals offer a valuable services that saves time, headaches and money.

When it comes time to sell your timber, allowing me to administer a timber sale is putting an expert on your side.

  • Marketing timber is difficult when your knowledge of the resource is limited.
  • Most timber in Kentucky is sold on the shares method.
  • This method requires the buyer to pay you a share (often 50%) of the money they receive from selling your timber.
  • This method does not require the buyer to put up any money and is ripe with drawbacks that can leave you with less money and a lower quality stand of timber for the future.

As someone who markets timber regularly, I know timber and the timber markets. Because of my knowledge, landowners can be assured that they are receiving the TOP FAIR MARKET PRICE (paid in full) for their timber.

In addition to timber marketing, I offer inventory and appraisal of timberland and timber trespass investigation work.