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Timber Sales

Timber sales are the main service I provide.  Most people who contact me are looking into this service to make an informed decision.  Most timber that is not sold by a consultant is sold on what is called the shares method.  In the shares method, the logger cuts the trees and takes them to area mills and pays you a percent of what they receive.  The percent you receive is dependent on what you are selling, but commonly you will receive 50-60% of the timber value.

I do not sell timber on the shares method.  This is because I want my clients to have certainty.  In the shares method, you will not know what your timber is worth until the last log is sold.  Also, once logs leave your property, you cannot be assured you are paid for them.  Most loggers are honorable people, but trust me, a few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch.  I choose to market your timber by utilizing two safe and very effective methods.  See below.

There are two methods I use to market timber:

  1.  Competitive Sealed Bid Method:  In this method, the timber is placed on the market for buyers to evaluate and submit a sealed bid by the sale date.  Your timber will be on the market for approximately 30 days.  During that time, buyers are free to evaluate the timber on their own, or attend a scheduled day for me to show them the timber.  The timber I sell by this method has to meet my minimum standards.  First, it needs to be good in quality, be of reasonable maturity (size) and good species mix.  In addition, the tract should have good access to remove the timber, and seller allows adequate time for removal (usually one year).  Other factors may be considered.
  2. Negotiated Method: I use this method when the timber to be sold does not meet the above standards.  In other words, timber that is small, poor quality, poor species mix, difficult access or short removal time etc.  Once I have the timber measured, I determine what I consider to be the fair market value.  I then take it directly to potential buyers.  I will show the timber to as many buyers as necessary until I find one that will pay a fair price and meet the contract requirements.