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Timber Marking and Marketing

Timber Marketing

This is the most valuable service to landowners.  I will mark or inventory your timber in preparation for a sale.  Once the volumes have been determined, I will begin marketing the timber to competitive buyers.

Timber can be marketed one of two ways.  The first is to advertise the timber to competitive buyers and sell it to the highest bidder.  This method works best when the timber is good to excellent quality and there are no problems that would limit buyer participation such as poor access or low quality.  This could also include low volume per acre, extremely steep ground, and storm damage.

The next sale method is by negotiation.  In this case, once the volumes are known, I would determine the stands fair market value and would seek out a buyer who I feel would be interested in this type of timber.  This method is used for medium to low quality and/or small diameter timber stands, steep ground or those sales that might limit buyers interest.  The fee for this service is 10% of the proceeds of the sale.  I am not paid until you are paid.  There are no other costs to you.  I believe strongly that my experience and marketing skills will net you 10% more than you will receive if you market the timber yourself.  Just having thought put into the management of your woodland (ie, what trees stay and which ones marked for removal) will leave you will have a more valuable timber stand in the future.