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Sales Process

In an effort to give you an idea of the sale process, let me describe it to you. We begin by meeting to view your timberland.  I do not charge for our initial meeting.  I will ask you what your objective is for your woodland.  Do you have a long term view or do you want to maximize your return?  As we walk the woods, I will ask you more questions to further refine your goals.  I will also be looking at ease of access and want to see your boundary lines.

Once we walk the woodland I will give you my recommendations and explain my fees.  At this point, most landowners want me to tell them what the timber is worth.  Usually our time together in the woods is not more than an hour long and you may have 150 acres of timber.  I usually refrain from estimating the timber until my field work is done.  At that time I will give you a professional opinion.

If we have a meeting of the minds, I will want to enter into a marketing agreement with you.  The agreement will explain what I will do, how you and I will be paid and release you from any liability for me falling down and injuring myself.

I will then mark or inventory the timber and prepare to put it on the market.  If I advertise the timber it will be on the market for 25-30 days.  At a specified date, we will have a bid opening and award the timber to the highest bidder.  I will then prepare a contract between you and the buyer and a contract will be signed within 10 business days of the sale.  At the contract signing you will be paid in full for the timber unless other arrangements have been made.  It is not uncommon to allow the buyer to put 10% of the sale price at the contract signing with the balance due in 30, 60 or 90 days.  In all cases, you will be paid in full before any timber is cut.