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Its a great time to evaluate your woodland!

Its a great time to evaluate your woodland!

Forest management for me is a year round job.  While I have adapted to all the hot and cold days, most landowners tend to wait until the most desirable time of October and November to walk their land.  Its a great time to be out in creation but also a good time to take a more serious look at your woodland.  Questions like, what species of trees do I have and are they the right ones to manage for- or what can I do to increase the growth rate of my woods.

I have found that there is almost always something you can do to improve your woodland.  It usually comes down to two types of practices, commercial and non commercial.  Commercial is where you have some trees that are marketable and have them removed.  This will free up growing space for the remaining trees.  Non commercial is where you cut or kill trees in order to reduce competition for the trees you want to keep.  Either way you win.  You either get a return on your investment now (commercial) or reduce the time until you can have a sale (non commercial).

Take advantage of this beautiful time of year to let us walk your woods with you and make some recommendations.  At minimum, you will know more about what you have and its potential.


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